About - Avant Gardenscapes
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Liz and Andrew Wolfgram established Avant-Gardenscapes in 2010 to combine their passion for design and nature. They have been a part of this community for most of their lives and appreciate the history, natural beauty and seasonal changes the Barrington area has to offer.


Liz and Andrew both graduated from Barrington High School and have always shared a deep love of art and creative expression. Both studied applied arts in college, Liz earning a dual degree in Art History and Oil Painting from the University of Texas and Andrew a BA in Art from Colby Sawyer College, with a focus on ceramics and 3D-Art. After college, Liz deepened her design skills by apprenticing with an interior design artist and working for five years for a landscape design and installation firm, while Andrew focused on honing his sales and operations know-how. Together, they make the perfect team.


Liz and Andrew are committed to bringing creative and unique landscaping solutions to your home. Their landscaping business is a perfect expression of what they love most: designing, creating and building beautiful outdoor environments for clients, friends and family to enjoy.

Our main priority is to design, create, build and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces to be enjoyed with family & friends for years to come.

Dream. Create. Enjoy.