Our Process - Avant Gardenscapes
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Our Process


Avant-Gardenscapes is a full service landscape design, construction, and garden maintenance company that is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces. Through a collaborative design approach, we aspire to understand your landscaping needs and strive to deliver unique, vibrant garden rooms. Starting with a comprehensive landscape plan and finishing with custom garden details, we hope to create the perfect outdoor compliment to your home or business.

DREAM โ€“ Design Your Outdoor Space

Avant-Gardenscapes understands that dreams come in all sizes. We believe your outdoor living space should reflect your tastes and passions and become the perfect outdoor compliment to your home or business. Beginning with a site assessment, we learn the unique character of your property and how best to feature it in your design. We then cultivate a comprehensive site plan that can include all landscape and/or hardscape elements.


Even if your project is a multi-tiered estate plan, or a single planting of a favorite tree varietal, we carefully consider every step of the process. Wherever you call home, we want your outdoor space to be a place of beauty for you.

CREATE โ€“ Build Your Outdoor Space

If you can dream it, we can create it. Whether starting with a blank canvas or reorganizing an existing garden, Avant-Gardenscapes builds unique garden rooms that truly reflect your lifestyle and provide you years of enjoyment.


Before we can construct your dream pool, patio and pergola or English potager garden, we must consider solutions for everything possible: drainage, soil conditions, site grading or hardscape excavations. With our in-depth knowledge of plants and flowers, we hand-pick all plant material from Midwest regional sources and personally choose natural stone and brick to compliment the architecture of your home.


Avant-Gardenscapes understands that landscape improvements are significant investments in your property. We are sensitive to the fact that construction can cause disruption and will do everything possible to make the process quick and seamless. We are a boutique company where the owners touch all aspects of your project down to daily supervision.

ENJOY โ€“ Maintain Your Outdoor Space

Let Avant-Gardenscapes and our dedicated crews exercise responsible stewardship of your property. We offer a variety of maintenance options customized to your special needs: spring and fall clean-ups; weekly or periodic weeding visits; shrub pruning; fertilization; mulching; soil amending; edging; and seasonal flower programs.


Avant-Gardenscapes strives to deliver long-term customer satisfaction. Throughout every season, you can count on us to keep your outdoor living spaces fresh and ready to enjoy for years to come. A full maintenance package might include waking up your garden in early spring with a clean-up, fresh compost and spring flower planting. In warmer months, we would weed; prune; provide plant health care; and refresh the landscape with colorful annual flowers and edible plants to enjoy all summer. In fall to extend your outdoor season, our team would plant autumn annuals and collect fallen leaves. As the cold weather approaches, we would put the plants to bed for winter and add festive greenery to pots to enjoy through the holidays.